Brodie Optometry adds new therapy services to better serve the community

Dr. Kyle Brodie of Brodie Optometry has acquired The Sensory Learning Program, a multi-sensory approach to developmental learning, and is incorporating it into his current optometry practice.
“The typical patient that I will see is an individual that has a sensory processing disorder where they can’t process visual, auditory or tactile information efficiently. The end result being: they’re very high energy, have trouble sleeping, daily meltdowns and have difficulty learning in school,” Dr. Brodie said.
Margie Hunter, program director at Brodie Sensory Learning and Vision Therapy works individually with each participant to retrain the brain using light, sound and motion simultaneously. “We see individuals who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Traumatic Brian Injuries, Sensory Processing Disorder-and after the completion of the program, the sensory symptoms they came to us with are either lessened or totally eliminated. It’s a life changing therapy,” Margie said.
“The program was developed about 25 years ago and has 34 centers throughout the world. I am excited to have been able to bring it to Northwest Ohio!” Dr. Brodie said.

Contact Dr. Brodie at 419-931-2020, go to to complete a FREE sensory assessment or visit Brodie at 840 W. Boundary St. Perrysburg, OH
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