Animals have a helping hand in the Friends of Wood County Dog Shelter

Chris Galford

It takes a lot to care for stray animals, to guarantee they get the help they need even before they’re adopted. Yet in Wood County, the Friends of Wood County Dog Shelter are there to guarantee animals never need want for transportation or treatment.
The rescue organization is a non-profit working strictly, as the name implies, with the Wood County Dog Shelter.
“It got started because we wanted to be able to find rescues and we wanted to be able to transport dogs, and find our own vetting—because we were able to find some rescue vetting that was less expensive. By becoming a 501c3—a non-profit—I’m able to take a dog out of the shelter and take it to a vet that I need to, then bring it back to the shelter,” said Pat Kjolier, the organization’s president.
Some of the animals shelters like this one take in are picked up by law enforcement, but not all. Some are also dropped off by people either without the ability or desire to care for their dogs any longer. No matter the case, the aim is to get them back into a loving home as quickly as possible.
In addition to helping with treatment of these wayward pets, organizations like Pat’s also pair aspiring foster parents up with potential adoptees in a safe, neutral environment, following an application process.
“We’re not just going to pick a foster up and say, oh, well, you’re a foster, here’s your dog. They get to come in and meet the dog and decide if that’s what they want to do,” Pat said.
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Pat Kjolier is the President of Friends of Wood County Dog Shelter, a non-profit rescue organization serving Wood County.