What is functional medicine?

Dr SpainBy Taryn Powell

 In many American doctors’ offices, patients find themselves given treatments for symptoms, while the primary cause of a problem goes unchecked.

For some, symptom treatment is not enough to provide relief from the problems that plague them. Those looking to solve the source of their problems may look to functional medicine.

“We look at different systems of the body and find out which ones need support,” said Dr. Bob Spain, of Serenity Health and Wellness Center.

Functional Medicine’s purpose is to get to the root cause of a problem or disease and treat it by the most natural means possible.

Dr. Spain believes functional medicine gives the body the best chance it has to heal itself.

“I look at the gastrointestinal response, is it functioning properly, is your sugar handling okay,” said Dr. Spain. “And then try to repair it at the cellular level to get rid of inflammation and rebuild healthy cells.”

He said his primary focus of treatment is getting his patients on a “real food” diet that works with their unique needs.

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