Pinnacle Plastic Products in Bowling Green lands contract to replace seats in Cincinnati Reds Stadium

Gary Gratop, partner, has helped see Pinnacle Plastic Products into its 20th year of operation.

Gary Gratop, partner, has helped see Pinnacle Plastic Products into its 20th year of operation.

By Chris Galford-

The latest anniversary of Pinnacle Plastic Products in Bowling Green will see their presence brought to one of the truly American pastimes, thanks to a new account with the owner of the Cincinnati Reds Great American Ballpark.

For nearly 20 years, this custom blow molder has been a presence in the area, bringing a Midwestern touch to the plastics industry. Today, according to owning partner Gary Gratop, that business includes an account working on the Cincinnati Reds’ Great American Ballpark. By work’s end, the thousands of seats within the stadium will be replaced with seats manufactured by Pinnacle Plastic Products.

It’s a big step, by any accounting, but since 1996 the company has worked with many others, both local and abroad. Having started small and clawed their way up the business ladder, they’re one of those examples for local businesses on how far time and dedication can reach.

“We started with a handful of employees and two machines, and now we have over 100 employees with eight machines,” Gary said.

Notably, they have had a long-term relationship with Little Tikes children’s toys and furniture, and much of their handiwork can also be seen in the American automotive industry.

“A lot of spoilers that go on the back of vehicles — we mold them and then they’re sent out to be sanded, hand painted at another location,” said Gary.

The process they use for such creations is called blow molding. Taking a two-piece, pre-formed mold, workers pour molten plastic into the figure. Taking a cylinder of molten plastic, a two-piece mold closes over the cylinder and proceeds to blow inside the cylinder to guarantee the solidifying plastic achieves the desired shape. These mass-produced pieces are then constructed into more complicated creations, or distributed and shipped as is.

Pinnacle Plastic Products is a leader in the custom plastic blow molding industry.

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