It’s as simple as A-B-C

NutrimostBy Peggy Dumas, FLTN Columnist-

For the almost 40 years that I have been in the fitness and wellness industry, the one statement that comes across from almost everyone I know that has lost weight is: “Why do I struggle to maintain that weight loss?”

I know that answer now! You can workout like crazy, lower your caloric intake, eat the cleanest foods that are generally healthy for everyone, but guess what? That’s the problem! Until you address the hormonal imbalances and what preference your body accepts, the struggle of maintaining that weight loss will continue the rest of your life.

Every function to weight loss is directed by a hormone, and if your hormones are off balance, you will fall prey to the yo-yo effect of losing and gaining, losing and gaining — a game no one likes to play.

Finally, the code is cracked. Do it for the last time — learn to eat and metabolize like a properly functioning body should. Why starve? That is pure craziness!

There is an answer to this madness, so struggle no more my friends. We can attack that fat and never gain it back by simply using the A-B-C concept: Access, Balance and Clear those hormones that is!

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