As 25th anniversary looms, Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders in Holland showcases quality food, specials

mancinos smallBy Chris Galford

Mancino’s is a well-known name in the Midwest, but the one in Holland, Ohio, has been a staple of the area since 1990 — and though it has seen its share of ups and downs alike, it’s still going strong 25 years later. For the past few years the credit for that fact is owed to Amie Secord.

“I bought Mancino’s six years ago. It needed to be updated a little bit, but overall, it had great food, great subs. We make our own bread, our own pizza dough, our own sauces. I brought my pizza from Amie’s over here. At first I sold very little pizza until it caught on — took about a year for people to realize this was really good pizza,” Amie said.

That realization has come on strong since those early days, in the form of a number of awards to the restaurant’s name — most recently, the 2014 Pizzapalooza Award.

In addition to offering an Italian dining experience, Mancino’s also provides take-out and delivery options. Variety is key, and though technically a franchise, Mancino’s at large recognizes that fact, and in turn allows a great deal of flexibility in the running of individual locales, according to Amie.

This has also led Amie to offer a number of specials to her customers. While the coming year is likely to be rife with monthly specials for the 25th anniversary, February will see a distinct one for Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped pizzas will be on the menu that day, and for any couple, be they just married or 60 years in, Mancino’s will be taking that percentage off their meal’s cost.

“People just like the quality of the food. The staff is very courteous. We do anything for our customers — if they want a special item, we bring it in, and we make their sandwich, their pizza, any way they want it,” Amie said.

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