Polygraph test is one way to rebuild trust in a relationship

Wendy Cornett

A polygraph test can be an effective tool when treating someone for sexual addiction, said Theresa Abec, sex addiction therapist at Serenity Health and Wellness Center in Maumee.
“Sexual addiction is based on betrayal and lies, so one objective way to help keep a couple together and help them heal and grow and deal with their issues is to have this (polygraph) to help them in that process,” Theresa explained.
The polygraph test can be beneficial for both the sex addict and the spouse.
“It’s good for the person who’s the sex addict because it keeps them honest. It keeps them responsible for their recovery,” Theresa said. “What hurts the spouse most of the time is the lying that occurs, and the polygraph is right there saying what really happened.”
Individuals who refuse to take a polygraph test most likely have something to hide, she added.
“If I have an individual who does not want to participate, that says something very loud and clear. I usually let them go and think about that for a few more days before we proceed.”
The purpose of using the test isn’t to catch someone in a lie, Theresa clarified, but rather, to help repair the relationship.
“One of the symptoms of sexual addiction is not telling the truth. A polygraph is a way to rebuild trust in a relationship. It’s a way to keep people honest in their recovery and to keep them responsible for the decisions that they’re making.”
Theresa Abec is a Board Certified Clinical Counselor and welcomes new patients looking for assistance with adults with mental health issues specializing in sex addiction recovery therapy. Currently under direct clinical supervision with Dr. Doug Weiss through the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT). To schedule an appointment with Theresa, call Serenity Health & Wellness Center at 419-891-2181.
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