DINE LOCAL! Holland Chick-fil-A very much apart of the Dine Local community

Chris Galford

For Justin Amburgey, owner and operator of the Chick-fil-A franchise on Airport Highway in Holland, community involvement is part and parcel to good business, which should come as no surprise from someone raised by two teachers.
Admitting to his company’s powerful national brand, Justin nonetheless distinguishes the Chick-fil-A name from many of its competitors by noting its reliance on locally owned and operated dining communities.
“As a franchisee, part of the joy for me, part of our vision here, is to have a great, remarkable impact on the community. We do a lot of things — this month we’ve actually had really great fundraiser nights for the schools here … getting all the students and families in here to eat, and then we give a large percentage of the sales back to them,” Justin said.
The business’s community service has also extended itself to a free catering opportunity for all the elementary teachers in the area during teacher-student conferences.
“That’s something as a local owner you have the freedom to do, where if you’re with corporate or a non-franchise owned business your hands are tied in a lot of ways,” said Justin.
Show your support for local businesses! Contact Justin at 419-865-0810; by email at 03289@chick-fil-a.com; visit the website at http://chick-fil-a.com/; or visit Chick-fil-A at 6720 Airport Hwy., Holland, OH.