EMF and your health By Dr. Cynthia Ratkowski, FLT Columnist

by Dr. Cindy Ratkowsi, FLT Columnist

A growing body of research indicates serious health dangers of excess electro-magnetic fields (EMF). Scientists have known about these dangers for decades after initially investigating sick and dying cattle that lived under high energy power lines.
Since then, reputable research and epidemiological studies have been done and the verdict is clear. However, as with cigarettes, most doctors and the public are slow to realize the negative impact. Meanwhile, people are suffering and dying needlessly and prematurely from the harmful effects of EMF.
Many of the body’s physiological processes are influenced by bioelectrical signals. As such, many functions – from your sleep cycles to immune strength to DNA genetic expression – can be
Natural EMF is produced by the earth and every cell of the human body. This low intensity EMF is natural and conducive to good health.
The problem arises with – you guessed it – artificial EMF. Whenever we tamper with Mother Nature too much, we pay for it. Every electronic device, from hairdryers to cell phones to cell towers, produce high intensity electromagnetic energy that interferes with the body’s natural energy field.
The electrical field portion emanates from the device even when it is turned off, but is easy to block with metal. However, the magnetic field is only released when the device is turned on, but is impossible to block – even with metal or concrete.
Both types of fields are completely silent and invisible. How do you know if there is excess EMF around you? If your area receives cell phone service or electric power, it is.
The list of conditions associated with excess EMF is long and includes: memory loss, birth defects, impaired immunity, mood swings, depression, violent behavior, chronic stress and suicide.
Ready to learn more about how to minimize your exposure to EMF? ‘Minimize’ is the key word because, in most civilized areas, escaping it completely is not possible.
What can you do about it? Live away from cellular towers and large electrical transmitting and power stations if possible. Avoid using microwaves and electric blankets. Don’t keep your cell phone on your body or on your bedside table. During longer cell phone conversations, use light headphones or ear buds with a long cord with the cell phone distant from your body.
So be mindful of your new electronic Christmas devices. They are harmful also.
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