Dr. Jabaly Weight Loss Clinic of Toledo offers some advice for New Year’s Resolutions

Chris Galford

“As the new year approaches, people are once again setting New Year’s resolutions in the hope of effecting positive change in their lives,” said Dr. Georges Jabaly, of Dr. Jabaly Weight Loss Clinic in Toledo, Ohio.
Dr. Jabaly continued on to say that “change is not as easy a task as people think.” Dr. Jabaly pointed out that many resolutions are doomed to fail due to poor planning.
“Studies show that people stick to their New Year’s resolutions approximately one week. Perhaps a new approach is needed.” Dr. Jabaly said.
Dr. Jabaly recommended that you partner with a physician to set your health goal resolution(s) for 2016. Dr. Jabaly recommended starting with a well visit to assess, from your health perspective, what is the most important thing you should focus on? He said, “Be honest with yourself.” Further he said to make your goal(s) specific rather than vague. For example, if quitting smoking is your goal, then make that goal attainable and measurable.
Dr. Jabaly pointed out that people who have weight loss as their New Year’s resolution and try to tackle it on their own have a 10 to 15 percent success rate. However, those who have a supportive family member or spouse encouraging them to keep their resolution, realize five times more success than they do without guiding/coaching from a loved one.
“Work with a doctor to assess your risk factors. Decide on a health goal then develop a plan to make that goal happen. Set aside one hour each day to think about yourself including your spiritual side,” said Dr. Jabaly. “If you don’t look to make a new start for yourself, it won’t happen for you,” he added.
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