DINE LOCAL! The Brownstone Tavern in Toledo shows local staying power in face of national chains

Chris Galford

It’s not been an easy road, but since 1985, Dale Solber and The Brownstone Tavern have built up a home for American cuisine in the face of mounting competition.
Chain restaurants have been the powerhouse in the restaurant business for decades. Oftentimes, people forget where that leaves everyone else. Dale is a Toledo resident, born and raised. All his employees live in the area, whether trekking over from southern Michigan or with roots in the Toledo or Sylvania areas. Supporting them, Dale says, is supporting the area.
“When you spend your money here, you help support the local economy, and all your dollars end up staying here,” Dale said.
That said, he admires the competition. He praises the business he’s in right now, while noting the difficulty in stepping up to face that competition.
“The local restaurateur is getting to be a dying breed, unfortunately. It’s hard to compete with a chain restaurant. It’d be a sad thing if people don’t support their local restaurants,” Dale said.
Over 31 years, The Brownstone Tavern has crafted a menu known for salads, soups, chili mac, hot roast beef and seafood—Midwestern staples that give it that hometown kick.
Show your support for local merchants! Contact Dale at 419-478-0324; visit the Facebook page at facebook.com/TheBrownstoneTavern; or visit The Brownstone Tavern at 847 West Alexis Rd., Toledo.
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