DINE LOCAL! Dale’s brings a century of culinary tradition to two area locations

Chris Galford

For 95 years, Dale’s Bar & Grill has brought a variety of flavors to Maumee, but four years ago this local restaurant expanded to Waterville. With it came a consistent dedication to everything local, as overseen by its owner, Bill Anderson.
“I’ve been the owner of Dale’s Bar & Grill in Maumee for 28 years now. Live right here in Waterville, so I’m about a mile from this restaurant,” Bill said.
The Waterville location isn’t exactly the same as its predecessor. It’s Dale’s Diner, rather than Dale’s Bar & Grill, and with it comes a dedication to the art of breakfast. From 7 am to 2 pm, it offers pancakes, waffles and skillets, to name a few.
Bill himself is an active community member, participating in the uptown business association and on boards around the city. Even as his restaurant expands, he stresses the importance of keeping things local.
“The value of supporting locally owned restaurants and other businesses is that everything you spend there, stays in town. Everything. When you go to a chain or nationally owned business, a lot of that money goes back to corporate or wherever,” Bill said.
Show your support for local merchants! Contact Bill at either Waterville, 419-441-0044, or Maumee, 419-893-3113; or visit either Dale’s Diner at 34 N 3rd St., Waterville, OH, or Dale’s Bar & Grill at 322 Conant St., Maumee, OH.
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