Cancer survivor dedicates practice to helping others

Chris Galford

Since fighting off a rare form of muscle cancer, Dr. Teresa Myers of Serenity Health & Wellness Center has turned her life to finding natural methods for the body to heal itself.
“I’m a traditional naturopathic doctor. We work on the basis that the body has its own innate ability to heal itself. But sometimes due to stagnation or congestion in the body, it just needs some help to revitalize and renew itself,” Dr. Myers said.
In 2001, cancer was eating through muscles along Dr. Myers’ back, forcing surgeons to shift muscle from her upper to lower back. The results saved her life, but left her in agony. Though she could have settled with that pain, it instead fueled a search for ways to overcome, to search out alternative ways to help. She found her answers in natural healing.
It was an individual solution for an individual, and she’s carried that methodology into her practice. Dr. Myers engages patients head-on, trying to see not just where they’re coming from, but exactly what being healthy means to them.
“What does health look like to you?” Dr. Myers asks her patients.
It forms a picture she uses to figure what the body needs—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
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