DINE LOCAL! Bloudán Mediterranean Cuisine cooks their meals with a side of heart and soul

Chris Galford

Amidst the many options for local Toledo taste buds is a little Mediterranean joint by the name of Bloudán Mediterranean Cuisine.
Even as they gear up for New Year’s Eve with special couple’s meals — bottles of wine included — the restaurant is best known for its shawarma and gyros. Yet it is the staff, according to Kay Abbey, which gives Bloudán its staying power.
“The food we cook here, we cook from scratch. What makes us special is the chef that we have. The lady puts her heart, soul and mind in the food, with her own recipe. It becomes a delicious meal. An amazing meal,” Kay said.
Bloudán is named for a village from which the owners — the Dehabeys — originally hail. Their restaurant mixes Middle Eastern, French, Greek and Italian diets under one roof, but its dining experiences also extend to catering options.
Show your support for local businesses! Call Bloudán Mediterranean Cuisine at 419-517-7545 or visit Bloudán Mediterranean Cuisine at 7430 W. Central Ave., Near King Rd., Toledo, OH.