A treasure map for the New Year

by Megan Coyle-Stamos, FLT Columnist

Each January, I have taken the time to make a map of what I would to accomplish for the upcoming year, called a treasure map. Much like a road map shows us the way to a destination, a treasure map helps us create and manifest what we desire — healing, a job, wealth, happiness, spiritual growth. It is a piece of paper on which I put pictures, photos and statements of faith, gratitude, requests and expectation of good. I make statements of business goals, income, family harmony and how I want to improve my life and the lives of others with my presence, energy and actions.
“We think, and we form our world after the pattern of our thoughts.” A treasure map helps us think right so we can create what we want to experience. I feel like my treasure maps align me with my higher power, instilling trust and knowing that together with that inner strength, all things are possible. We attract our good when we visualize it. I understand now I need to keep my mind and heart open and receptive, which always comes. Often what I am asking for on my treasure map happens far different than I had hoped, and for my highest good.
Personally, I have done these maps since my early 20s, and I feel like they keep me close to God, on task and in a positive mental frame of “everything is coming to me in divine order.” In looking back though my maps, I see how I have manifested good fortune in my friendships, my family, my personal growth and my prosperity. Even the photos I cut out of my “dream car” and “dream house” look identical to what I have now.
Creating a treasure map is fun. It can help you to focus thoughts and feelings on your goals, which in turn, give you motivation to act on your desired outcomes. Maps can be any size or shape and placed where you will see them often. They should be as simple as possible, with clear, colorful images. Colors can help focus your attention — pink for love, green for money, red for good health, orange for energy, heavenly blue for spiritual unfoldment. Maps need powerful words, strong affirmations reminding us that we can have what we want. Always use a picture of God, or a symbol of faith — whatever signifies to you that God is the one and only source for your good. You can treasure map for prosperity, success, for a new career, for material possessions, vibrant health, and for others.
I laminated my map and put it in my day planner, where I was reminded to focus on my desired outcomes and be thankful for the good that is here right now. Last year my kids and I worked together on treasure maps for what they wanted. My son wanted to make the baseball team, to help homeless people, and get all A’s on his grade card. My daughter cut out photos of famous gymnasts, so she could make the team. We found pictures of cats and dogs for her to focus volunteering at animal shelters, and a large photo of planet earth, to symbolize “peace for all.” As a family, it was a creative and fun activity to teach powerful life lessons. I hope you are inspired to create a treasure map for yourself in 2016.
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