Yum Yummy restaurant is a one woman show and an all-natural Chinese delight

Yum Yummy SPBy Chris Galford-

Some restaurants simply have no room for imitation. Yum Yummy restaurant in Perrysburg is one of those experiences — not least for its owner, Ping Goa.

The thing is: to call Ping the owner is to not do her justice. Ping is the owner, certainly, but she is also the cook, hostess and pretty much everything else her restaurant needs. Even her menu is adaptive — though for those looking to venture into meals off the menu, she does ask that they call her first.

What Ping provides is a refined Chinese dining experience, built on the combined spices and palates of American and Chinese interests.

“It’s homemade. Just like momma cooked. Traditional Chinese food. My food — no chemicals. All natural, no additives. We use natural for the flavor. It’s a little more spicy than most Chinese food though: more flavor,” Ping said.

It’s a system she came to through trial and error. Yum Yummy opened in fall 2010, and initially, its dishes seemed to know no concrete national boundaries. Customers responded to a more specialized menu, however, and that settled Ping onto her present course, insofar as taste buds are concerned.

When one is their own cook, though, the change is a little easier to make.

Show your support for local businesses! Contact Ping at 419-872-5888; or visit Yum Yummy at 10677 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg, Ohio.