Ten ways to get your home ready for winter

All Nu Columnist Pic (Small)By Dan Mahl, FLTN Columnist-

Winter is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the sometimes challenging season which lies ahead. Many people don’t take the time to effectively winterize their homes. Make that mistake and you could find yourself living in discomfort, and with higher energy bills than normal to boot. Here are 10 suggestions for keeping your home warm this winter:


  1. Install new weather stripping around the exterior of your doors to seal in warmth.
  2. Use heavy blackout curtains to keep heat in.
  3. Make sure your furnace has been recently serviced and your water heater has been flushed.
  4. Install new doors and windows to keep drafts out.
  5. Check your roof for loose or damaged shingles and any holes beneath them.
  6. Add insulation to your attic, pipes, outlets and elsewhere.
  7. Get a home energy audit.
  8. Clean or replace your gutters to prevent ice that builds up.
  9. Drain lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems to prevent pipes from freezing and leaking.
  10. Check/clean your chimney to improve its efficiency.


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