Dr. Mickey Frame and Frame Chiropractic and Acupuncture tackle weight loss with new ChiroTHIN program

Dr. Frame not only promotes the ChiroTHIN program, he is a participant as well, having lost around 26 pounds in just five weeks.

Dr. Frame not only promotes the ChiroTHIN program, he is a participant as well, having lost around 26 pounds in just five weeks.

By Chris Galford- While six weeks may not seem like a long time, at Frame Chiropractic and Acupuncture, it may just be long enough to drop all that excess weight from holiday gorging. Under Dr. Mickey Frame, the office is jumping on a national bandwagon called ChiroTHIN— a weight loss program that guarantees at least a 20 pound evolution.

“The average patient loses somewhere between 20 and 35 pounds,” said Dr. Frame. “The program is physician supervised, six weeks, basically utilizing amino acids with nutritional supplementation. It’s a low calorie diet based on healthy eating in smaller portions. At the end of six weeks, once the habit has formed, we put a patient on what we call our maintenance phase, and then we incorporate exercise with the program for the weight loss to continue.”

It’s a program administered solely through chiropractic physicians. Unlike many dieting regimens, it doesn’t require the outright removal of any particular food group, is adaptable to meet certain health issues in patients, and its specifics are determined largely on a weekly basis.

Patients are expected to keep a journal of sorts to track their food intake. At every weekly meeting, according to Dr. Frame, that intake is then examined, measurements are undertaken, and from there, patient and chiropractic physician alike determine how the diet is going and how to proceed.

“You can eat beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, fruits and white fish. It’s just that we limit the amounts of food that you have during this period. During that six week period, we’re basically coaching the patient on a weekly basis … If I need to tweak things a little bit, maybe add a few more fruits or vegetables to the program, we do that,” Dr. Frame said.

Dr. Frame also noted that, if a patient’s medical condition is such to require thought before undertaking, he also confers with their medical physician before starting to make sure it’s the right program for them. Protocols also exist for how to proceed with diabetic patients, or even thyroid issues, and still maintain the diet.

The results? Everything from improved energy, to improved sleep, to less pain in patients’ joints, and not to mention the weight loss.

As with any program, though, there will always be a case for reasonable doubt. For just that reason, that guaranteed 20 pound dietary induced loss comes backed with a ChiroTHIN vow.

“Patients who do not achieve at least 20 pounds of weight loss in six weeks, they wait a six week period, and then we’re allowed to let them do the program one more time. The cost is one of the most reasonable out there at $600. What I explain to patients is: When you look at the reduction of food in your food bill, you should save between $35-50 a week just in your food cost over the 6 week period.”

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