Breast cancer survivor Maria Jamaleddin brings a family-centric touch to Wings Express

Maria Jamaleddin

Maria Jamaleddin

By Chris Galford-

Since 2000, Maria Jamaleddin and her husband, Muhammad, have been working together under the roof of Wings Express. In that time they have overcome everything from economic downturns to cancer, and through it all, their restaurant’s family-centered ethos has never wavered.

Originally founded under the “Wing Station” name, their restaurant broke off into Wings Express in 2008. Their specialties are a mix of gyros, wings and salads. It’s a small restaurant, but one that does its best to accommodate its customers. That shows in the options the menu offers — no less than six different sauces for the wings alone — to the way the owners interact with their customers, and the way the customers interact with them in turn.

The latter, in particular, has been a huge help in a particularly dark chapter of Maria’s own life. Last year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Fourth of July last year I was diagnosed. I’d had it for over a year prior to that, but I had no knowledge of it. I went in for a physical, because my husband was about to travel overseas — and kaboom. Treatments involved radiation, the whole shebang,” said Maria.

As overwhelming as that could be, Maria has stayed strong. Though her treatments have meant she has had to miss a good deal of work, she notes that her customers have been understanding from the very start.

“In August I had my final surgery. My customers have been very supportive … I think a lot of them see the family orientation in our restaurant, understand we aren’t a business just out to make money. The economy’s tight. We’re just trying to put food on the table, pay the bills and offer a family atmosphere.”

Show your support for local businesses! Call Maria at 419-389-5700 or visit Wings Express at 1515 S Byrne Rd. #115B, Toledo, OH.