A new chiropractic practice has come to Maumee with Maumee Chiropractic & Wellness

Maumee Chiro SPBy Chris Galford- Winter’s back, which means it’s the season of snow and ice — and one wrong twist could make those dark days a little longer. Fortunately, the new Maumee Chiropractic & Wellness clinic has opened in time to ease those chilly seasonal aches under the direction of Dr. Daniel Hosey.

Bending, twisting and repetitious wear and tear are the often the enemies for chiropractors. But while many chiropractors are also branching out into nutrition, Dr. Hosey specializes in and focuses on the former. In particular, he focuses on issues with extremities, notably with foot issues. He is also certified in motor vehicle accidents and the soft tissue damage associated with them.

“We use a couple different techniques to adjust people. Our primary technique is called an ‘activator’ method,” said Dr. Hosey. It’s a method with three different levels of pressure — lower for infants and children, higher for adults. “There’s not a lot of torqueing or twisting and I adjust with them lying face down. I have a proficiency in activator medicine.”

Additionally, he uses a special method known as Epley’s for treating vertigo and dizziness — a treatment which often does the trick in one to three sessions. His methods have been used to aid the fight against everything from inflammation, to fibromyalgia, to projectile vomiting and childhood struggles with attention deficit disorder. In his own words, he has treated all sorts, and all ages.

“Once, I even had a woman right out of the hospital, like two days after release from the hospital, came right to me to give her baby an adjustment,” Dr. Hosey said.

Dr. Hosey comes to Maumee from Findlay, where he ran another clinic since 2000. His practice in Maumee opened earlier this year, in July.

It could be said his journey into practice began in 1996, however, when his brother became a chiropractor. Like many in his field, though, he was also exposed to it by accident.

“Basically, I became interested through him and through some of my own personal health issues. I was involved in a car accident — neck whiplash type injuries. It was a chiropractor that helped me through that. After visiting with my brother and following him around, that’s when I got the bug, though,” Dr. Hosey said.

Now, he adjusts others, helping to relieve them of their pain, from sole to crown with his own two hands, and even ultrasound therapy when the situation calls for it.

Show your support for local businesses! Contact Dr. Hosey at 419-887-9990; email at maumeechiropractic@gmail.com; visit the website at http://www.maumeechiropractic.com; or visit Maumee Chiropractic & Wellness at 1651 Tollgate Rd., Maumee, Ohio.