Toledo Clinic ENT Sinus Center of Excellence - Dr. Christopher Perry

Mission work integral part of doctor’s dedication to quality care

By Wendy Cornett

Dr. Christopher Perry spends a week in Honduras several times each year to perform valuable medical procedures for those most in need.

Dr. Christopher Perry spends a week in Honduras several times each year to perform valuable medical procedures for those most in need.

Dr. Christopher Perry is a board-certified ear, nose and throat doctor and facial plastic surgeon who embodies the phrase “think globally, act locally” by doing what he can, as an individual, to reach medically at-risk populations. He, along with Dr. Oliver Jenkins, founded the Toledo Clinic ENT Sinus Center of Excellence in 2009, and together they’re committed to providing compassionate care both in Toledo and beyond.

“We specialize in medical and surgical treatment for children and adults with allergy, sinus and nasal problems,” Dr. Perry explained. “We practice all manner of ENT care but have a special interest in the nose. We do everything from cosmetic and reconstructive nasal surgery all the way to skull-base surgery.”

And each year, an important aspect of their work involves supporting the efforts of Cherry Street Mission to aid the homeless and poor in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

“It’s important for us to think globally and act locally,” Dr. Perry said. “We’ve partnered with Cherry Street Mission to provide support for the most underprivileged in the Toledo community. It’s critical to reach those people who need a hand up.”

And each year through the Christian Medical and Dental Association, Dr. Perry travels to Honduras where he leads a team of U.S. surgeons aiding the country’s neediest and training Honduran surgeons in the process. Inevitably, the endeavor draws questions.

“People ask me, ‘why take time away from your family? Why spend money for travel expenses and take time away from earning money to do mission work?’ Well, it’s my way of being involved in something that’s bigger than myself,” Dr. Perry said. “I’ve been there six times in the past two years. It’s my way of giving back.”

In a fall 2013 trip, the team of volunteers in Honduras performed 45 surgeries in a week, treating people suffering from skin cancer, facial trauma and cleft palate, among other conditions.

“Our most exciting case was a 5-year-old boy who had fallen on a wooden stake, which had lodged underneath and behind his eye,” Dr. Perry said.  

The piece of wood had been embedded deep in the boy’s skull for eight months.

“We removed it without any damage to his eye or brain,” Dr. Perry continued. “There are amazing stories like this for which we can only point to God and give him the credit – the way that it all worked out was truly awe-inspiring.”

Back in Toledo, Dr. Perry and Dr. Jenkins run a busy ear, nose and throat practice.  Allergy testing and treatment; hearing testing and hearing aids; in-office sinus CT scans; medical and surgical treatments for chronic ear infections, tonsillitis and obstructive sleep apnea; rhinoplasty; and computer-guided sinus surgery are also available.

Additionally, Dr. Perry and his staff offer Balloon Sinuplasty, a safe and effective procedure for those with chronic sinusitis. The procedure opens inflamed sinuses the same way that balloon angioplasty opens blocked arteries.

“We have been on the forefront of using this new technology,” Dr. Perry added. “It’s minimally invasive. There’s no tissue removed. There’s minimal pain, minimal bleeding and very little downtime.”

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