Serenity Health & Wellness - Dr. Deitra Hickey

Maumee med-spa services the mind, body and soul for comprehensive health

By ASBR Staff

Dr. Deitra Hickey

Dr. Deitra Hickey, Ed.D. says she’s always felt “wired to help people.” First, she helped students as a teacher, school counselor and principal. After realizing this was her passion she transitioned to providing these services full-time in a private practice in Maumee in 2009. Dr. Hickey surrounded herself with 20 holistic therapists in varying modalities and created a beautiful, unique med-spa, Serenity Health & Wellness Center.

Today, the center not only offers counseling/life coaching services but also focuses on total holistic wellness of the mind, body and soul. “I’m a firm believer in comprehensive health, so when I’m healing the mind, the physical and emotional should be healed as well,” said Dr. Hickey. In keeping with the comprehensive health, Dr. Hickey now offers services like acupuncture, hypnosis, massage therapy, esthetics and foot bath detoxification, to name a few.

Perhaps Serenity Health and Wellness Center’s most unique offering is colon hydrotherapy. According to Dr. Hickey: “There are only three facilities in Ohio, and we’re the only one in the Toledo area, with the FDA approved Angel of Water devices for colon hydrotherapy.” This device flushes out the entire four to five feet of the large intestine in approximately 45 minutes. The service strengthens the colon, offers prevention to diseases such as colon cancer and creates good bacterium that allows the digestive system to function in a healthier, more regulated manner.

Some clients use colon hydrotherapy for help with chronic digestive issues, cleanses for colonoscopy preparation or even decreased bloating before a wedding or special event. About 90 percent of clients use the service for a full-body detoxification. “Because of the food we eat, the pollutions in the air and the lack of water that we sometimes drink, we develop waste that sits in our large intestines and some people carry that around with them for weeks, months, even years,” Dr. Hickey said. If left in the system, this waste releases toxins on a regular basis, which may cause lethargy, skin conditions and back problems, and many other negative effects.

Many of Serenity Health and Wellness Center’s other services offer distinctive features too. The spa’s sauna stands apart from traditional saunas in that it uses infrared light therapy to help alleviate sinus problems, migraines, back pains, arthritis and seasonal depression, as well as to provide detoxification. According to Dr. Hickey, her acupuncturist, Kylie Roach, is “one of three people in northwest Ohio that is licensed and degreed in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.” Her massage therapists are also highly qualified, with certifications in over 15 modalities, such as neuromuscular, aromatherapy, sports massage, hot stone and pregnancy massage.

Regardless of why a client visits Dr. Hickey’s spa, she focuses on their satisfaction. She keeps prices extremely affordable; it only costs $12.50 to add a sauna session to a visit and massages start at $59 for a one-hour full body massage, which includes heat therapy complimentary. Serenity also has an umbrella policy, where she and staff members escort clients to their vehicles in the rain or heavy snow. Her team prioritizes helping clients with community involvement and charity events. “We’ll never say no – we’ll always donate something,” Dr. Hickey said. It must go back to the way she’s wired.

If you have found this story to be interesting, informative or inspiring or if you would like to learn about Serenity Health and Wellness Center’s current specials please let Dr. Hickey know! You can contact her at 419-891-2181; visit her at 1685 Lance Pointe Road, Maumee; email her at; or visit the website at

  • Dr. Hickey and the rest of the Serenity team were a huge part of the success of this year’s first ever Impact 5K which helped to raise money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Without hesitation they stepped up to offer their services to our runners at the event and donated tons of door prizes for race participants.

    The entire team is as dedicated to community involvement as they are to offering exceptional health and wellness services; very refreshing.