Significant and meaningful…


I recently attended an incredibly impactful training in Chicago on the importance and value of “Life Celebrants” and ceremony. My beliefs in the “WHY” we take the time to have a funeral ceremony were deeply strengthened.

The values of the FUNERAL CEREMONY for the family, friends and loved ones left behind are:

  1. People need healing opportunities so they don’t have emotional issues later on.
  2. Families need a safe place to have an emotional release that is socially acceptable. The funeral home can provide a sacred, safe space to mourn in a unique way. It is vital and important.
  3. People NEED to participate in the planning.
  4. Roots are laid down, where a loved one can be remembered and family knows “you are there.”
  5. Reality begins with the first step of saying goodbye. The viewing of the deceased is the acceptance that death is real.
  6. Ceremony speaks when words fail. Music, poetry, verses help to establish the importance of saying goodbye.
  7. Significance of the loss is established. The personal significance of the loss and the social significance.
  8. Presence. We need the presence of friends, relatives and funeral professionals. Knowledge, guidance, support and love are so necessary at this intimate time.

May we all understand that the journey of grief is long and each person finds what helps them along the way to get them through the next hour, the next day, the next week. May you be kind and forgiving with each other, remember to offer hugs, help and “I love you’s” every chance you get. May you understand that tears are memories in motion and there is no better way to express your grief than through those sacred moments of crying. May you find your own special way to honor your loved one’s life, hear their voice and claim their sprit in your heart while being grateful each day for the life, love and experiences you shared with that special person.

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