New laser treats soft tissue oral conditions


As more dental offices routinely conduct comprehensive oral exams, they sometimes catch mouth health conditions that need to be treated in ways other than with the traditional dentist’s drill.

A new treatment tool recently available to dentists is a soft tissue laser — a very safe, adjustable low-powered laser specifically designed to treat only soft tissue oral conditions.

These new lasers enable dentists to perform restructuring around the tooth less invasively, using less anesthetic, and with less effect on the surrounding gum tissue. This results in a cleaner outcome and less discomfort after the patient leaves the office. Other procedures the laser enables are treatment of oral canker sores (aphthous ulcers) and the removal of the dark vascular lesions (hemangiomas) on adults’ lips.

Because of new diagnostic approaches and tools like soft tissue lasers, dentists can provide even better treatment of their patient’s oral conditions to improve their overall health.

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