An interview with Swan Creek Retirement Village


Coyle Funeral Home Sarah smallI have had the distinct pleasure of serving on the Advisory Board of Swan Creek Retirement Village. Recently I interviewed the Marketing Director, Sarah Laughlin to share her insights. I was curios how she could help our readers as they consider these types of decisions for themselves or those in their lives.

Megan: “Sarah, what do you consider the best aspects of life at Swan Creek?”

Sarah: “Having the full continuum of care — all levels so that our residents can move in and still live independently, travel, and golf — but have a plan in place when their health or needs change. Peace of mind knowing that they will be taken care of the rest of their life. This is a gift to themselves and their family. Also, being a not for profit, we make a financial commitment to all of our residents that if their money runs out at no fault of their own, we never in our history have asked someone to leave.”

Megan: “What advice would you tell someone considering selling their home and moving into your retirement community?”

Sarah: “Do it when you can and feel good! Don’t wait for the crisis. There is so much that a retirement village can offer you and it is a shame to not be able to have the chance to get involved. Our residents have lots of activities: themed happy hours, murder mystery dinners, trips to the symphony, travel groups that take river boat cruises, spiritual life programs and a fabulous wellness center and so much more. There is always something happening rain, snow or shine! The option to get involved or not is right at your door.”

Megan: “What are your top three favorite moments in your career?”

Sarah: “I’ve had the great pleasure of being a guardian for Honor Flight three times, two of which, I was asked to take our residents. There is nothing more rewarding to me spiritually to be a part of such an extraordinary day with these veterans traveling to DC to visit the WWII memorial … what an honor! To be able to do that with my residents is just another layer of amazing in my book.

In my career at Swan Creek there are days and moments that stand out more in your mind. In the 18 years I’ve been here, a death of a resident always stands out in my mind. I find it a privilege to be with our residents and their families during this time. We give them the best last few days of care that we can.

One moment that gets me each year is at our employee holiday party. Our residents give every employee a gift. They have a huge gathering and each employee is called up to shake the hand of our resident president to receive their gift. It is not the gift that means so much, but it is when the Swan Creek choir sings their version of ‘You Light up my Life” … it really grabs at your heart. It reminds me how lucky I am to work with such amazing residents and that I too can make a difference.”


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