It is estimated that 45 million Americans suffer from headaches they call tension, migraine, sinus and just plain headache. The cause of headaches has been debated for years. There are many triggers to be considered: stress, diet, sleep loss, muscular strain, chemicals, then environment.

The primary source of headache pain is often linked to muscle tension in the neck. Because of this, the nerves and blood vessels in the neck are irritated and often constricted. Usually muscle tension can be related to an undetected neurological trauma or structural problem.

Frequent or chronic headache sufferers often turn to over-the-counter medications for relief. This is only a temporary fix. As the body gets used to the medication, its effectiveness decreases. So people increase dosages, causing side effects of stomach irritation, aggravated ulcers, liver damage and sometimes death. Medication itself can be the cause of headache pain.

If you see the logic that headaches are a physical problem then a physical solution like chiropractic treatment and nutritional treatment are your ANSWER.

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