What are the benefits of bio energy testing?


At Advance Wellness and Chiropractic Center, my analysis is called bio energy testing. What we do is tap into the bio energy of the body and ask it, with products, what does it need to help it get better?

Why? Because the body was designed to heal itself. It’s perfectly capable of doing that if it’s given the right stuff. So I recommend to individuals — I never prescribe — this product or that product for a certain disease, because I’m not treating a disease. But I am treating a stressed organ, or one that’s not functioning. For example, if you had a cold, I might say to you let’s get you some more vitamin C, or go eat some oranges. It’s similar to that, but these products have a specific outcome. It’s very specific for you, the person, as compared to anybody else even with that same condition.

I’ve been a chiropractor for many years, and though I’ve helped people with musculoskeletal, I wanted another tool in my tool chest, and that’s why I’ve been using bio energy testing, the nutritional evaluation, giving you specific products for problems.

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