Hypnosis can help you keep New Year’s resolutions to make real life changes


Is 2015 the year you’ve decided to make some life changes — maybe quit smoking, lose weight and get fit, conquer a long-time fear? And have you vowed to stick with your New Year’s resolutions — no matter what?

That’s great! We want to help you. Marcia, our office manager, offers hypnotherapy to patients and non-patients. She is a certified hypnotherapist and is happy to schedule a completely confidential, free consultation (during or outside regular office hours) to discuss your personal desires and explain the process.

Hypnotherapy is a widely used alternative to traditional medicine. It takes unwanted behaviors and re-programs, or modifies, the mind to reinforce the positive behaviors that you seek for a variety of personal issues such as smoking cessation, weight management, behavior management, pain management, controlling anxieties/fears, and others.

Call Marcia to schedule your free consultation. Hypnotherapy can help keep your resolutions and make the life changes you want!

To learn more about hypnotherapy, visit our website at http://drpoz.com/hypnotherapy.html, or call our office at 419-475-6554.