Become an Affiliate

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Abec’s Community News is looking for high school juniors, seniors and college students that would like to become licensed video journalists and provide media coverage for their communities. This is a freelance/self-employment opportunity NOT an employment opportunity. Go to the Abec’s Community News – Toledo Facebook page and check out the types of stories you would be producing. This is a chance for YOU to decide the news and learn about this massive and growing industry. Call 419-330-9658 for more information.

This business opportunity has been inspired by the Crossfit business licensing model, I recommend watching a few of the Crossfit business model videos on YouTube. Here is a link to just one of the articles published on the topic: CrossFit’s extremely lucrative business plan is also deceptively simple

As with Crossfit we offer a business license and a certification program. The Abec’s Community News certification program runs for the first 30 days of our licensing agreement, throughout that period you will observe our approach and business philosophy. The initial two days will be spent on site in the Toledo area, the balance of the 30 days you will be in your community getting your business started, established and generating revenue.

Abec’s Community News offers exclusive territories and within those territories are exclusive categories or “beats.” A beat is an old newspaper term for an area of specialization for a reporter, so if a reporter was interested in reporting on entertainment in his community he was assigned the “Entertainment Beat” and so on. We offer licenses for primary and secondary beats, we would prefer that an affiliate picks one of each to cover. Below is a current list of “beats” and the monthly licensing fees.

Primary Beats – License Fee $100 (Each)

Business – Community Events – Entertainment & Dining – Health & Wellness – Sports

Secondary Beats – License Fee $50 (Each)

Education – The Morning Show – Spiritual Living – Home & Garden – Politics – Fire, Crime, Investigative Reporting – Business Networking

Don’t see a beat you like? Let’s create one for you! Maybe tech, IT or gaming???

Your pick your beat and then provide exclusive coverage for your community, any story related to your beat you can cover any way you wish.

So how do you make money? You sell advertising that is embedded within each of our stories/videos, you keep 100% of the amount you charge. The fun part about advertising sales is you sell an account one time and they pay you each month. The Abec’s Community News advertising plans sell for $200 per month. We will help you set up a business credit card processing account and you bill your advertising clients on the first of each month, the money goes into YOUR business checking account. Each month your clients are auto-billed, if you have 10 clients @ $200 each on the first of the month you would have $2000 in your bank account. This is how business works, you “work” for your clients, create something valuable and people pay you. Students have an advantage with obtaining clients because business people want to support you especially when you tell them you keep 100% of the money and you are working your way through school. Later on if you wish to transfer or sell your Abec’s Community News license you can and since if you have built up an advertising client base it maybe worth more.

Video production: Other than your monthly licensing fee this will be your only other major monthly expense. We have set up a video production company that will produce your news videos for $20 each, if they are under 3 minutes and $25 if they are 3-5 minutes in length.

Hopefully here is what your profit and loss statement will look like around month four:

You are producing 3 – 4 videos per week, say 15 for the month.

Production costs – 15 x $20 = $300

License fees for 2 beats: $100 + $50 = $150.

Total expenses, not including your travel: $450.

The good news is these are your fixed (level) expenses, if you make one sale per month after four months you will have $800 in gross ad sales. Profit for the month: $800 – $450 = $350. Not bad but hang in there continue your one sale per month and after a year: 12 x $200 = $2400 if you continue your same rate of video production, which along the way you may want to produce more stories, your P&L statement for the month would look this this: $2400 (total ad sales) – $450 (License and video production expenses) = $1950.

This is a very simplified version of our business approach, there are also ways to increase your revenue by coaching others.

As with any business endeavor we cannot guarantee you will be profitable that’s up to you. We do offer A-Z coaching to help you with interviewing, reporting and ad sales. If you have questions please call: 419-330-9658.

P.S. After your certification you will receive a Press Pass and boy can these be fun!